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ECO Sustainable

Aware of the world around us and with full responsibility for our actions, we are pleased to present the first collection of ecological erotic lingerie in Europe.

Thanks to the latest technological solutions, we have managed to find the perfect harmony between fashion and the natural environment in the form of the Passion Eco Collection series.

This collection is perfect for customers who value following trends while caring about the natural environment and ecology.

For the production of lingerie, we have used recycled materials confirmed by relevant international certificates,

such as GRS (Global Recycled Standard) or OEKO-TEX System.

The materials were checked during the demolition process,

both in terms of the possibility of releasing toxins and the disruption of the biological environment in accordance with accepted ISO standards.

The materials we use have been found to be environmentally friendly and non-ecotoxic.

Natural dyes were used for dyeing fabrics and threads. The packaging of this collection is made of 95% recycled paper.

Achieving a zero environmental impact in the manufacturing industry is impossible, but we try to use solutions that are affected as little as possible.

We are looking for suppliers who use recycled components in the production of materials, have closed water circuits and own treatment plants.

We work with companies for whom ecology is just as important as it is for us.

Advantages of the ecological collection:

• Contemporary design,

• Recycled fabrics,

• Renewable technologies,

• Reduced water consumption during production by up to 56%,

• Reduction of volatile substances during the production process,

• Natural coloring agents,

• Reduced CO2 emissions

The Eco collection is mainly characterized by the fact that it uses environmentally friendly and recycled materials